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Binary Organism Simulation System

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This was done as a final project for Dr. Shonkwiler's monte carlo methods class
(MATH 4803 @ Georgia Institute of Technology)


The Binary Organism Simulation System (BOSS) is a Tierra-like system, similar to Ray's original Tierra digital organism simulator. Systems like Tierra attempt to simulate evolution by natural selection in a synthetic memory soup. Short programs represent live organisms which will be executed in the memory soup. The system simulates evolution by allowing the programs to replicate and genetically recombinate. BOSS offers a few benefits which the current Tierra system lacks such as clean modularity and easy cross platform usability. This document briefly discusses artificial life, Tierra, and the purpose of BOSS.


Artificial Life is a new field which promotes a new understanding of the life process. Life is simulated artificially using random programs which are allowed to replicate and recombinate in a computerized medium. Researchers study the effect of small modifications to this simulation and are able to apply it to real life scenarios.

Dean Mao